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The Mighty Linn 9000

Linn 9000 Integrated Digital Drums/Midi Keyboard Recorder

Specifications (taken from the original Linn manual):

Keyboard Recorder:

Tracks: 32 (assignable to each of 16 midi channels)
Note Capacity: Over 7000 (expandable)

Digital Drum Machine:

Number of sounds: 18 total. Stock sounds are: Bass, Snare, Hi-hat, 4 Toms, 2 Congas, 2 Ride Cymbals (regular and bell), 2 Crash Cymbals (standard and splash), Cowbell, Claps, Cabasa, Sidestick, and Tambourine.
Sequences: 50 Drum, 50 Synth
Trigger Inputs: 6, assignable to any drums.
Trigger Outputs: 2, Programable to output a +5vt pulse on every 1/4 triplet, 1/8 note, etc., or whenever a specified drum is played.
Note Capacity (Digital Drum Sounds): over 24,000 (expandable)


Internal Memory: 64k/4 pad sampling (expandable)
Storage Media: Cassette or optional 3.5 DD disk drive.
Cassette Interface: mic-in, line-in, line-out.
Sync Pulse Rate: Per-set at 48 cycles per quarter note.
Audio Outputs: mix outputs - line level, +4 dBm vu, +14 dBm peak with all drums playing at maximum volume level into 20 K ohm line input.
Direct Outputs: Line level, yypical 0 dBm vu
External Audio Inputs: Line Level, 2 K ohm impedence. 20-28 KHz.
Power Requirements: 110 V or 220 AC, 50 or 60 Hz.
Size: 6" high, 24" wide, 14" depth.
Weight: 29 lbs. (shipping weight approximately 37 pounds)


Audio input card for sampling (recording) your own Custom Drum Sounds.
3.5" on-board disk drive to store/re-load sequences and/or sounds.
64K or 128K static RAM memory expansion (up to 256 K)
SMPTE reader and generator card (required for midi sync in)
Additional six trigger input card (total: 12)

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